SolaRay® Displays: Our Capabilities

Radiant Manufacturing masterfully creates memorable displays using American-made SolaRay®. With applications such as billboards, signage, trade shows, and special events, we have the capabilities to enhance virtually any design.

Advertising Made Effective

SolaRay sequin panels typically have a high ROI for advertising. Whether you are interested in having a small custom SolaRay® banner produced for advertising your business or event, need to improve the visibility of your clients billboard, or are planning for a national ad campaign, Radiant Manufacturing can make it happen.

Customization & Color Matching

If your project requires color matching, unique sequin shapes or sizes, or a full-scale prototype of a SolaRay® display for a holiday roll-out or large project approval, we can make it happen. We have the capabilities to take your idea from concept to creation.

Turn-Key Project Management

If you are planning a large multi-store rollout for the holidays or a specialty anniversary event or nationwide ad campaign and want SolaRay® sequins incorporated into your design, we will make it happen. We can manage and coordinate worldwide installations with tight deadlines to ensure your campaign, event or season is a success. From kitting to distribution and installation, Radiant Manufacturing has the capabilities, experience, and infrastructure in place to seamlessly execute your project.

Custom Display Production

Let Radiant Manufacturing produce a custom interior or exterior SolaRay® display for your client or event. Whether you are looking for a birthday selfie wall, store display, special event signage, trade show booth, touring stage backdrop, or outdoor spectacular, we can handle them all.

Imagine Endless Possibilities

If your goal is to be seen, attract the attention of new customers, awe an audience, or add a memorable touch to any visual display, SolaRay® offers a dizzying array of possibilities for any project type. Easy to handle, long-lasting, and unique, SolaRay® is an excellent option for a variety of project types.

SolaRay® Signage

One of SolaRay’s most effective uses is signage, both indoor and outdoor. With SolaRay® sequin panels, outdoor signs can be made eye-catching without the use of electrification and by taking advantage of the Sun’s rays and the fluid motion of the sequins in a gentle breeze, and indoor signs take advantage of the reflection of ambient light and airflow of an air conditioner or the vacuum created by an opening door. 

Eye-Catching Billboards

SolaRay® offers the highest ROI in advertising. It’s the surefire way to create the eye-catching billboard you or your client’s are looking for. A gentle breeze and a sunny day will catch the attention of any onlookers traveling by. Billboards and outdoor displays have a larger audience than any other advertising medium. Incorporating SolaRay® into your advertising is an excellent and cost-effective method for promoting your message.

Contact Us to Learn More

The team at Radiant Manufacturing is available to turn your vision into reality. Contact us by phone or email with any questions you have about our products’, capabilities’ and your upcoming project.