Retail Applications for SolaRay® Sequin Panels

SolaRay® sequin panels are ideal for use in retail displays of many varieties. Consider using SolaRay® custom signs in your advertising to bring customers to your mall kiosk, as a window display to stop people in their tracks, or as stunning seasonal retail decor.

Outdoor Retail Signage and Advertising

When trying to run a brick-and-mortar retail establishment, one of the most difficult tasks is getting customers to come into the store instead of passing by toward another destination. This is especially true during the holiday season when there is fierce competition for the customer’s attention. Create outdoor retail advertising that customers simply cannot ignore with shimmering SolaRay® sequin panels. 

Our lightweight, durable material is weather resistant, holding up to even harsh winter weather, sea salt spray, and high winds. The sunlight will catch on the sequins in your custom signs as they dance in the moving outdoor air, commanding the attention of the customers in the vicinity. SolaRay® is available in 14 standard colors. However, we have the ability to color match your corporate colors as well. Contact us for more information about custom colors.

In-Store Retail Signage and Holiday Decor

There are many applications for SolaRay® custom signs in the indoor retail setting. Consider SolaRay® for your next window display or point-of-purchase retail display. Create a removable kiosk topper for your mall kiosk to draw the attention of your potential customers as they walk from one shop to another inside the mall.

Create attention-grabbing holiday displays and decorations to boost visibility during the bustling holiday season. Our sequin panels are perfect for holiday retail advertising, including your holiday window display, holiday backdrops, shimmer walls, and point-of-purchase displays. Shine a light on the sequins, and it feels like thousands of smaller holiday lights are twinkling and shining. SolaRay® is lightweight and durable, great for placing over an endcap display or above your garment racks. Make SolaRay® a centerpiece of your holiday retail visual merchandising strategy this year. 

Why SolaRay® from Radiant Manufacturing?

Of all the many choices you have for graphics and signage for your retail displays, we are honored that you are considering SolaRay® from Radiant Manufacturing. SolaRay® is a truly unique way of catching the eye of potential customers. Made with high-quality materials, SolaRay® is versatile and can be used in many applications–both indoor and outdoor–without fading or sustaining damage. Our durable, lightweight signage panels are proudly made in the USA, come in many colors, and even come in High-Resolution. 

When you contact us at Radiant Manufacturing, you speak with real SolaRay® experts. Here to help you with anything from custom color matching to ordering unmounted SolaRay® sequins, to creating uniquely shaped sequins, and more. Contact us today to get started on creating your own eye-catching, shimmering retail displays and advertising.