Entertainment Applications for SolaRay® from Radiant Manufacturing

Nothing says glitz and glamor like the entertainment industry, and nothing is more glitzy and glamorous than SolaRay® sequins! With applications from red carpet photo backdrops to floats, signage, stage displays, and theater sets, the versatile eye-catching allure of SolaRay® is a great addition to any entertainment project.

Photo Backdrops and Shimmer Walls

Make your event unforgettable with a shimmering wall or SolaRay® photo backdrop from Radiant Manufacturing. A shimmer wall sequin backdrop can be combined with other popular design elements including balloon arches, lighted neon words, images, decorative cardboard cutouts, and more to create a truly unique photo experience that radiates and reflects. 

High-Definition SolaRay® features stunning images printed directly onto the reflective surface of the sequins, for a custom photo backdrop that can stand alone, or be combined with various other elements. Radiant Manufacturing also has wide format printing and finishing capabilities, great for printing custom red carpet-style photo backdrops for any occasion.

SolaRay® for Theme Parks and Amusement Parks

Theme and amusement parks are larger than life, captivating, and exciting. SolaRay® can enhance and compliment mobile or permanent theme park attractions with sparkling effects that add an exciting glimmer to everything. From carnival games to food vendors, to feature attractions, SolaRay® signage, backdrops, or displays are right at home in the amusement park setting. 

Maintenance-free and impervious to the elements, an outdoor SolaRay® installation will provide years of eye-catching appeal for all ages. SolaRay® sequin panels have numerous mounting points on each panel, making installation to any structure relatively easy. Add some well-coordinated lighting, and your SolaRay® shimmer wall or signage can completely transform the feel of a parade float, attraction, stage display, or billboard. When paired with basic strobe lights and LED RGB light bars, a simple wall of SolaRay® can truly awe the audience. The possibilities are endless with SolaRay® and High Definition SolaRay® panels from Radiant Manufacturing.