Digital CNC Cutting

In addition to our SolaRay® sequin panels and other product capabilities, Radiant Manufacturing also offers digital CNC cutting services for performing precision detailed routing and cutting of most substrates from rigid sheet products such as wood, composites, and plastics to flexible roll-to-roll substrates such as wall wraps, films, and plastics.

What Is Digital CNC Manufacturing?

Digital CNC (computer numerical control) cutting is a type of laser cutting in which a high-powered laser cuts through materials like plastic, wood, and metal according to a digital design file. We work with our clients to create a detailed digital design that holds the specific instructions for creating a product. Then, our laser-cutting specialists load the file onto our machine, and it precisely cuts the material according to the design file. At our CNC shop, we can work with you to create one intricate prototype, thousands of custom woodworking projects, and nearly anything in between.

What Are the Benefits of Digital CNC Manufacturing?

Digital CNC cutting offers numerous benefits, as this new technology has opened the door for many types of custom manufacturing projects. Some benefits of CNC manufacturing include:

Enhanced precision

Less material waste

Reduced production time

Lower chance of error

Reduced labor costs

Complete customization

What Are the Applications of Digital CNC Manufacturing?

At our CNC shop, we can create many different products based on your company’s needs. With digital CNC cutting, we can create intricate parts, prototypes, structural components, decorative elements, custom displays, and more. We can help clients create custom parts and designs for multiple industries, such as automotive, aerospace, retail, electronics, and more. Contact our custom manufacturing team at (754) 300-4368 to learn more about how we can help you with your upcoming projects.

Why Choose Radiant Manufacturing?

Our team at Radiant Manufacturing has been providing exceptional customer service for over 15 years. Whether it is custom signage for a holiday retail display or CNC custom-manufactured prototypes, we are prepared to assist our clients every step of the way. We pride ourselves on high-quality results, affordable pricing, and a transparent production process, which has allowed us to maintain positive relationships with our customers. We look forward to working with you on your next CNC manufacturing project.