SolaRay® Sequin Panels

SolaRay®, also known as paillettes, spangles, Eyecatchers, flickers or billboard sequins, consists of freely oscillating highly reflective sequins permanently mounted to a clear square foot grid.

SolaRay’s design provides constant movement with minimal negative space and maximum visibility. Its squarefoot plastic grid keeps installation simple and labor to a minimum, ideal for quickly covering the surface of a wall billboard or cutting into linear onefoot strips for outlining and accenting.

Coated with a UV inhibitor to withstand the harsh sun, SolaRay® is a durable, easy-to-use, maintenance-free sequin product ideal for permanent indoor, outdoor or marine applications in any geographic location.

Sequin Colors

SolaRay® is available in 14 standard colors.

SolaRay® sequin panels all have a highly reflective mirrored back with colors only visible from the front of the sequins. Silver SolaRay panels have a highly reflective mirrored finish front and back. Of the 14 standard colors available, all have highly reflective metallic finishes except for Black, White and Yellow, which are opaque and non-reflective.

Custom colors and color matching are both available. Please contact us to discuss your project. Order minimums and lengthened lead-times will apply.

The color swatches above are intended to be representational only. Color/hue and contrast can vary greatly from monitor to monitor, therefore the true appearance of these spangles can be difficult to capture in mere static images. Please contact us for actual samples to help you determine the best colors for your project.

Custom Sequin Colors

Custom Dark Blue

Custom Light Blue

Custom Holographic

Sequin Shapes

SolaRay® panel sequins are available in three stock shapes, Circles, Octagons and Squares. Circles and Octagons are available in both sequin sizes, the larger 1.5 inch diameter and smaller 0.75 inch diameter SolaRay®. Square shaped sequins are currently only available in our larger 1.5 inch SolaRay®

SolaRay® sequins are available in Custom (non-stock) shapes upon request. Please contact us regarding custom shapes, an order minimum or nominal tooling charge may apply.

When viewed from long distances the shape of the SolaRay® sequin used in the installation will be irrelevant. The shape will only become visible to onlookers when viewed from less than 50 feet or 15 meters. If your goal is to create maximum coverage with greatest visibility, Octagon sequins will be your ideal solution as the 6 edges provide a slightly greater reflective surface area.

Octagon and Square shaped SolaRay® are ideal for covering square or rectangular areas, as the angularity of the disc shape aids in creating a clean, squared look. Circle shaped SolaRay® is best suited when filling in or creating curvilinear shapes.

Sequin Styles

Choose from a variety of sequin sizes and shapes to fit your project perfectly:

1.5″ square sequins

1.5″ octagon sequins

1.5″ circle sequins

0.75″ square sequins

0.75″ octagon sequins

0.75″ circle sequins

Revolutionary Method

Custom Printed SolaRay®

Radiant Manufacturing recently developed a revolutionary method for creating full-color, high-resolution images on our SolaRay® sequin panels. High-Resolution SolaRay® can now display complex, detailed images through either a 4-color CMYK or 5-color CMYK+White print process. We use a base film of either Metallic Silver or Opaque White, and the printed sequins are available in Circle or Octagon. Our Hi-Res designs can be printed on .75-inch and 1.5-inch sequins.


SolaRay® sequin panels are available in two sizes. The larger 1.5 inch diameter SolaRay sequins come 49 sequins/sqft or in 7 rows of 7 discs. The smaller 0.75 inch diameter SolaRay® sequins come 196 sequins/sqft or 14 rows of 14 discs.

Each SolaRay® sequin panel measures 12 inches by 12 inches square.

To obtain an MSDS or inquire about durability and UV stability please contact us.

Crimped vs. Non-Crimped Sequins

The choice between crimped disk SolaRay sequins and flat disk sequins is yet another way to ensure your SolaRay display is truly custom. The crimped disk sequins create facets to reflect light in prisms, much like a diamond or other cut gemstone would. Flat disks are also reflective, and their design makes them reflect in the direction they are facing. Along with the reflection directions, choosing between crimped and flat disks is often made for aesthetic purposes and contributes to the design of the overall display. For example, most clients opt for flat disc sequins for backdrops that are more likely to be seen up close as they give a smoother finished look.