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Whether you are a small business looking for cost-effective signage, a multinational retailer interested in livening up holiday displays and store images, OR ANYONE ELSE SEEKING EYE-CATCHING SIGNAGE AND ART DISPLAYS, let us help you create a truly unique look. We specialize in producing visually awe-inspiring, one-of-a-kind signage, displays, and spectaculars.


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See the Radiant Difference

Radiant Manufacturing takes pride in the higher quality products and services we provide. We consult with each client to ensure they are receiving the design that most clearly represents their vision. Our product is made in the USA, and we customize every project according to precise specifications and color matching. Contact us to discover our outstanding commitment to customer service.

Fast Turn-Around



Cost-Effective Signage

Radiant Manufacturing delivers high-quality products at affordable prices. We’ve streamlined our production process to lower shipping costs and simplify setup. Cut costs on labor by choosing our quick-assembly signage. Our displays consistently outperform our competitors’ quality and ease of assembly while costing significantly less than “comparable” products from other companies.


If you want supremely eye-catching displays, SolaRay® is for you. Each SolaRay® panel is covered in free-moving sequins, creating a bold, brilliant look. Because most SolaRay® sequins are reflective, this product will catch the eye in direct-light situations such as outdoor signage or theatrical sets. In any lighting situation, SolaRay® delivers an over-the-top appearance that is sure to wow customers. This product is fully customizable and easy to assemble.

Flexible & Durable

SolaRay sequin panels have a semi-rigid flexibility strong enough to withstand aggressive handling and hurricane-force winds, yet are flexible enough to contour to a cureved wall or concrete pillar. 

Simple to Install

Each sequin panel is a manageable size (12” x 12”), so installation is easy and straightforward. Simply attach (or mount) each panel to your base, building line upon line.

Fits Any Shape & Size

SolaRay is extremely versatile, offering unlimited customization options. Each SolaRay panel is one square foot and can be cut or split to fit your project.

Elaborate Holiday Displays

For many businesses, the holiday season is synonymous with ever-increasing competition between advertisers. Radiant Manufacturing has the signage your company needs to catch customers’ attention and drive sales. Our quick turnaround time and simple setup can give you the edge you need for booming holiday sales. Whether you are creating a lone display or decorating an entire venue floor to ceiling, Radiant Manufacturing has you covered.