Installation Guide

Whether you ordered a custom sign with SolaRay® or wall art for a trade show, our team is here to help guide you through the installation process.

Assembly and Installation of Your Custom Sign

Below, you will find instructions for assembling and installing wall art or other custom signage from Radiant Manufacturing. We design our SolaRay® panels with our customers in mind. On each SolaRay® panel, you will find clear labels on the back side indicating which panel you are looking at. Using the panel location map, you will join the panels together with the attached clips to assemble your custom sign.

At Radiant Manufacturing, we are here for you, from your initial inquiry to the design and ordering process to the final installation. If you have any questions about the assembly or installation of your custom sign, reach out to our dedicated customer service team at (877) 787-8880.

Panel Assembly Instructions

Custom printed panels will arrive with a small label on the back of the top right disk, if you are looking at the front panel. THIS LABEL INDICATES THE TOP OF THE PANEL!

Front View Label Locations

(Labels on back of disks)

Rear View Label Locations

Assemble the display by placing the panels in their appropriate location as indicated below.

Panel Locations Front View

Panel Locations Rear View

Using the attached clips assemble the panels by pressing the round peg into the corresponding hole and pressing with your fingers.