Exterior Signage for Outdoor Advertising

Radiant Manufacturing masterfully creates unique signage using American-made SolaRay® sequin panels. With applications such as permanent building, modular seasonal, and temporary event signage, we have the capabilities to fulfill your needs.


A well-placed billboard can be regularly seen by thousands–if not millions–of potential customers and has the power to drive traffic on a large scale. Developing a unique, memorable billboard is imperative in order to stand out from the competition. Radiant Manufacturing creates remarkable billboard designs that range from simple to showy, all created to convert customers and leave a lasting impression. 

Outdoor SolaRay®

SolaRay® displays use shimmering sequins to create captivating visual effects, making them ideal for events, storefronts, and festival decor. The reflective sequins ensure that these signs catch the sunlight, producing a dazzling display during the day. When combined with powerful lighting, SolaRay® panels create a mesmerizing effect at night. Outdoor sequin signage serves as a unique and glamorous way to enhance visual appeal and draw attention to various settings.

Create an Impression with Eye Catchers

One of the primary functions of outdoor signage is to create a strong first impression and draw the attention of passersby. Bold and strategically placed eye catchers can capture attention in a matter of seconds, effectively communicating a business’s identity and message. Whether it’s a towering billboard along a highway or an elegantly designed storefront sign, outdoor signage from Radiant Manufacturing captures the community’s attention and guides potential customers to explore your brand.

High-Visibility Promotional Displays

In the realm of events and promotions, exterior signage serves as an essential promotional tool. Banners, flags, and posters strategically placed in high-traffic areas can generate buzz and anticipation for upcoming events, sales, or special offers. Festivals, trade shows, and exhibitions often rely on eye-catching outdoor signage to attract attendees and communicate event details effectively.

Promote Your Brand

Beyond its attention-grabbing capabilities, exterior signage plays a pivotal role in providing brand identity. The unique sign designs from Radiant Manufacturing allow for an emphasized brand statement. The design features emphasize quality and visual appeal for an improved brand identity and memorable message. 

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Exterior signage is an integral part of the urban landscape, shaping perceptions, facilitating navigation, and promoting businesses and events. With our extensive experience creating memorable indoor and outdoor signage, we can help your organization get increased traffic through well-designed displays. Contact Radiant Manufacturing for more information.