SolaRay® for Architectural Design

SolaRay® is an eye-catching architectural design element suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Build shimmering walls and one-of-a-kind high-resolution SolaRay® signage to set your building apart–inside and out.

SolaRay® Sequins for Outdoor Architectural Design

The durability of SolaRay® sequin panels is unrivaled among decorative outdoor architectural design elements. Our sequin panels and outdoor signage are designed to withstand high winds, winter weather, salt spray, and direct exposure to sunlight. 

Creative architects and designers apply SolaRay® to building facades and exterior walls as part of large murals or stunning outdoor mosaics. The sequins move in the breeze and shimmer in the sun for a truly unique architectural experience.  SolaRay® is ideal for retail, commercial buildings, amusement parks, and entertainment establishments. 

High-resolution SolaRay® panels are also ideal for outdoor billboards and commercial building signage. Take full advantage of the sunlight and breeze with moving, glimmering outdoor signage in full color, high-resolution, printed directly on the SolaRay® sequins. Click below to learn more about SolaRay® signage applications

Indoor Architectural Design Elements and SolaRay®

Create a centerpiece for your lobby with SolaRay® sequin panels from Radiant Manufacturing.

Our sequin panels can be artfully displayed as part of a sculpture, an accent wall, a water feature, indoor signage, and more. Our standard sequin panels are versatile and come in 14 colors, with the ability to color match if requested. 

SolaRay® panels mount easily to concrete, wood, aluminum, steel, plastic, or any composite building material.

Add a little glimmer to indoor architectural elements such as staircases or lighting fixtures to draw the eye and create a unique look. Combine with neon signage to create a sparkling backdrop in your restaurant or behind your bar. With SolaRay® sequins, you can express your imagination and creativity in shimmering full color.

SolaRay® is versatile for indoor architectural use and can be as simple or elaborate as you desire.

From a single-color accent wall inside a museum or library to a loud, colorful centerpiece at a bar or club, our sequin panels are ideal for your next architectural design project.