1.    What is SolaRay®?   
SolaRay® is a reflective sequin panel material used for attracting attention.

2.    How does SolaRay® work?   
SolaRay® sequin panels consist of small highly reflective sequins permanently mounted to a clear plastic grid or frame work.  The sequins move freely with a delicate movement of air casting brilliant reflections of light in all directions, like a disco ball.

3.    How large are SolaRay® sequin panels?   
SolaRay® sequin panels measure exactly 12.25 inches by 12.25 inches, but is easiest to estimate quantities for most projects in solid square feet.

4.    Is SolaRay® still available in one foot strips?   
Unfortunately, SolaRay® is no longer available in one foot linear strips.  However, if your project calls for the strips, each SolaRay panel can easily be cut apart into one foot linear strips using tin-snips or wire cutters.

5.    Where is SolaRay® made?   
SolaRay® is produced in Wyoming, it is 100% made in the USA.

6.    Does SolaRay® come with mounting holes for fasteners?   
Yes, each SolaRay panel has ample mounting holes.  1/8th inch diameter mounting holes are located between each disc.

8.    What is the right way to install SolaRay on large surfaces?   
Although installation methods are numerous, we suggest installing SolaRay with the mounting holes and sequins aligned vertically.  This ensures all fasteners are hidden behind sequins and in the case of our smaller 0.75 inch SolaRay eliminates the possibility of sagging.

9.    I live in the north, will SolaRay withstand freezing?   
Absolutely, SolaRay’s unique design allows it to withstand years of ice and frost and still provide beautiful effects in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

10.    How does SolaRay® hold up to heavy winds?   
SolaRay® is extremely strong and durable.  In most situations when exposed to heavy winds, such as hurricanes, tornadoes or typhoons), the SolaRay® will remain intact. Unfortunately, in most situations the substratethe SolaRay® is mounted to gives way far before the SolaRay® does.

11.    Can I purchase loose unmounted SolaRay® sequins for my project?  
Absolutely!  Loose, unmounted SolaRay® sequins can be purchased by the pound.  Please contact us to inquire about ordering SolaRay® sequins by the pound.

12.    We are located on the ocean, will SolaRay® withstands the salt spray?   
Yes, SolaRay® is completely impervious to the oxidation and corrosion associated with salt spray from an ocean.

13.    What is the best location for my SolaRay® sign?   
SolaRay signs are always most effective when positioned to take the greatest advantage of the sun.  Try to position your exterior installation to face East or West.

14.    What is your return policy?   
Radiant Manufacturing charges a 20% restocking fee for returned SolaRay®.  Please note we only accept solid uncut and undamaged SolaRay® sequin panels.  All custom orders are final.

15.    What are your order minimums?   
We do not have order minimums.  The smallest quantity of SolaRay® you can order is one panel or one square foot.

16.    I am located overseas; will you send me a sample packet free of charge?   
Yes, we send SolaRay® sample packets worldwide.  All domestic sample requests are sent via UPS Ground.  For international sample requests please allow up to 15 business days for delivery.

17.    I would like to color match SolaRay® to our corporate colors, can this be done?   
Yes, please contact us to discuss your project.  Order minimums and additional lead-times will apply.

18.    I would like a different shaped sequin to use on our project, can I order different shapes?   
Yes, custom sequin shapes are available.  Please contact us to discuss what you are looking for.  Tooling charges and/or order minimums may apply.

19.    What are your production lead-times?   
When ordering 1.5 inch SolaRay, we request a 10 day production lead-time for orders of 1500 sqft.  For the smaller 0.75 inch SolaRay we request a 10 day lead-time for orders of 500 sqft.  Please contact us to determine your exact lead-time.  If it’s necessary to meet your dead-line we can run three shifts in our production facility.