SolaRay® Recycling Program

At Radiant Manufacturing we care about the environment and how we’re impacting it.   Unfortunately, producing a durable, non-weathering, UV stable outdoor product prohibits the use of environmentally friendly biodegradable materials.  With this in mind we created the “SolaRay® Recycling Program.”  Send us the gently used SolaRay® from your event, project or production and receive up to 20% off your next order, panel for panel, up to the quantity returned.


Here’s how it works:

1)    Send us your gently used SolaRay® panels.

2)    Once received our production staff will count out each panel and evaluate its condition.

*  If the panel can be reused for donation to a charity or event we will issue you a 20% discount off of your next order. If 50 SolaRay® panels are received in this condition you will receive a 20% discount for up to 50 SolaRay® panels on your next order.
*  If the panels are cut, covered in glue or in any way unusable in their current condition we will issue you a 5% discount of your next order.  The SolaRay® will then be reground and separated into its raw preprocessed materials.

3)    Your discount will then be applied to your future order.

Please contact us for details.