To add spectacular effects, use SolaRay® as a backdrop for live shows, concerts, clubs, dance halls, bars and theatres. If used to accent stage props it can be used to add a subtle glimmer and movement to what would otherwise appear to be flat or drab. When a fan or air cannons it’s easy to achieve the feeling of blowing wind, cloud movement, the rustle of leaves in the forest or even flowing water.

SolaRay® sequin panels are light and durable enough to hang from existing stage curtains by attaching heavy duty Velcro tabs to the corner of the panels themselves allowing you to use and reuse multiple times for many shows..

Connect SolaRay® sequin panels end to end using available clips and suspend the lengths to create a gleaming curtain. Hog rings can also be fastened through the corner mounting holes for a permanent fixture.

With SolaRay® the possibilities are endless, add a little flare and pizzazz to your theatre or stage production.