One of SolaRay’s most effective uses is signage, both indoor and outdoor alike. With SolaRay, outdoors take advantage of the suns intensity to gain visibility, indoors take advantage of ambient light to be seen.

When producing a permanent sign using SolaRay®, any area the material is applied to will appear animated with the slightest movement of air. By its nature, when a sign is made entirely from SolaRay® sequin panels, it will have zero negative space compared to a standard channel letter sign with up to 95% negative space.

Much like in real estate, SolaRay’s impact is best determined by its location. For outdoor signage, it is important to consider the seasonal angle of the sun in relation to your sign face(s). Best effects are achieved when SolaRay has an Eastern or Western exposure, taking advantage of the Sun as much as possible.

For installation suggestions and recommendations please see the Installation page or contact us for more assistance.