SolaRay® sequin panels are ideal for the retail industry. With the economy dragging along, the goal is to get customers in your store. It is an excellent attention getter. Use SolaRay® for signage, in window and store displays, mounted to walls, wrapped around pillars, over mirrors or as a curtain to separate a large room. Its powerful sparkle is sure to attract window shoppers and lead to sales.

Connect SolaRay® sequin panels end to end, and side to side using available clips and suspend the curtain to create a gleaming window fixture.

Available in 14 colors, SolaRay® is perfect for any holiday display, interior or exterior. Its durable, light weight design lends itself to years of use.

When paired with the right lighting, SolaRay® can be used to create an ambiance that bests suits your image, whether it be youthful, professional or formal.