Billboards are a common and conventional means of advertising, often so common place they get ignored. SolaRay® offers a sure fire way to get the eye catching attention you’re looking for. Wind and a sunny day will catch the attention of any pedestrian or driver traveling down the highway.Billboard and outdoor advertising have a larger audience than any other advertising medium. They are an excellent and cost effective method for promoting yourself.Much like in real estate, SolaRay’s impact is best determined by its location. For outdoor advertising it is important to consider the seasonal angle of the sun in relation to your sign face(s). Best effects are achieved when SolaRay has an Eastern or Western exposure, taking advantage of the Sun as much as possible.

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising;

  • Allow you to reach more people faster than any other advertising medium
  • Promote your message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Placed in a good location they can generate more views than the Super Bowl
  • Free to the consumer
  • You get more views per advertising dollar than Print or Television