Terms and Conditions

1. DELIVERY OF MERCHANDISE:Radiant Manufacturing is not liable for failure to deliver goods or a delay in delivery of goods occasioned by causes beyond its control. Including, but without limitation, strikes, lockouts, fires, embargoes, war, shipping space, machinery break downs, governmental acts orregulations.

2. LIABILITY OF USE: Radiant Manufacturing will not replace, credit, orrefund any quantity of SolaRay until provendefective.Radiant Manufacturing will not be liable, either intort, or in contract, for any injury, loss, damage(direct, or incidental), arising out of the use, orthe in-ability to use SolaRay.

3. PRICING: All prices are subject to change without notice.

4. DAMAGE CLAIMS: The responsibility of Radiant Manufacturingceases with the acceptance of a shipment in good order by carrier.YOU SHOULD THOROUGHLY INSPECT EACHSHIPMENT UPON RECEIPT FOR DAMAGE AND OR QUANTITY. ALL CLAIMS FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE MUST BE MADE BY THECOSIGNEE MUST BE MADE WITHIN FIVE (5)BUSINESS DAYS OF RECEIVING ORDER.If shipping container shows apparent damaged,freight receipt should ONLY be signed “Visible Damage” on face of receipt.In the event of concealed damage, a call requesting an inspection by the delivering carriershould be made at once. This must be done.

Returns Policy
No merchandise may be returned without priorauthorization.A 20% restocking charge will apply to ALLreturns, except if it is by fault of Radiant Manufacturing. ALL returns must be made within 15 days ofreceipt. Returns sent later than 15 days afterdate of receipt will not be subject to refund, credit and/or exchange.