SolaRay® is available in 14 standard colors.

SolaRay® sequin panels all have a highly reflective mirrored back with colors only visible from the front of the sequins.  Silver SolaRay have a highly reflective mirrored finish front and back.  Of the 14 standard colors available all have a highly reflective metallic finishes except for Black, White and Yellow, which are opaque and non-reflective.

Custom colors and color matching are both available.  Please contact us to discuss your project, order minimums and lengthened lead-times will apply.

Available Colors:

White Silver Yellow Gold Copper Brown Pink
Red Dark Green Light Green Dark Blue Light Blue Purple Black

The color swatches above are intended to be representational only. Color/hue and contrast can vary greatly from monitor to monitor, therefore the true appearance of these shiny reflective disks can be difficult to capture in mere static images. Please contact us for actual samples to help you determine the best colors for your project.