When utilizing SolaRay® for sign lettering, billboards, and marques; please consult the following tables to assist in determining visibility, letter sizing, and necessary SolaRay quantities.

These minimum recommended letter heights are based on an artificially or naturally lit sign with all upper case Helvetica letters utilizing optimal negative space. Other factors and conditions that may affect letter size are: color scheme, font selection, traffic and weather conditions, or sign standoff.

The above letter visibility chart is based upon information provided by Pennsylvania Transportation Institute, Penn State University and the United States Sign Council.

(SolaRay Quantity Calculation Charts)

With the charts below you will be able to approximate the necessary amount of SolaRay for your project. The quantities indicated are in square feet. Please note that the suggested amounts are calculated based on letters that have the largest usage of SolaRay material. (e.g. The material needed for the letter “W” will be more than for the letter “I”) For more precise estimates please contact us directly.