SolaRay’s shimmering mirrored discs catch all natural and projected light and scatter a sparkle of brilliant lights in random patters.  Sunlight during the day or overhead lighting at night coupled with a gentle breeze can create truly awesome effects.

SolaRay® essentially acts like tiny free moving mirrors.  99.999% of the light caught by each sequin is redirected or reflected in an equal and opposite direction; no different than the reflecting angle of a flashlight’s beam shined into a mirror.  For outdoor installations, best effects are achieved when SolaRay® has an Eastern or Western exposure, taking advantage of the Sun as much as possible.  Please keep in mind, in the Northern Hemisphere, during the summer, the Sun rises in the Northeast and sets in the Northwest, during the winter the Sun rises in the Southeast and sets in the Southwest.

For night-time lighting of signage, SolaRay® is most effectively illuminated from the top down with flood lights to catch the eye of passersby and onlookers.  If illuminated from the bottom up the majority of reflected light will be lost to onlookers and wasted on the night sky. When mounting or positioning overhead lighting the closer the distance of the light to the SolaRay® installation the wider the angle of reflection.  The further the lighting can be mounted from the SolaRay® installation, i.e. on a boom, adjacent building or wall, the further the installation will be visible to onlookers.

Color changes are easily incorporated into a SolaRay® installation; couple Silver SolaRay with wall washing LED light bars or standard Par Can stage lights and a variation of color Gels to produce spectacular color variations.

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