SolaRay® can be directly applied to any PVC based Billboard or Banner vinyl using HH-66 Vinyl Cement (available through Radiant Mfg.), 3M® Scotch Weld #4475 (available through your local supply house), Liquid Nails® or a number of other permanent construction adhesives.  We suggest laying out your SolaRay prior to applying adhesive and cutting the panels to fit the given areas.  For best results we recommend adhering SolaRay® on a flat surface and allowing the adhesive to cure for 12 to 24 hours.  If applying SolaRay® to a preexisting vinyl, the surface should first be cleaned to remove all dirt and grime.  When applying to large areas, drawing guidelines will significantly assist with installation.

For permanent exterior applications it is easiest to mount SolaRay on a composite aluminum.  This method decreases the number of holes made in the building façade and simplifies future repairs should they ever need to be made. Composite aluminums are extremely durable, lightweight, strong and cost effective; it is comparably priced to marine grade plywood or signboard yet much lighter.  For large installations use a CNC to pre-drill 1/8 inch diameter mounting holes to ensure perfect placement, contact us to obtain CAD drawings of our SolaRay® panels. 1/8th inch diameter Pop-Rivets or # 8 zinc-coated self-tapping screws are ideal fasteners to sheet metal and composite aluminums.  When mounting to wood SolaRay® is best applied with 3/8th inch Crown staples using a 3/8th inch Long-Nose Pneumatic Upholstery stapler.

SolaRay® panels are extremely lightweight and ideal for hanging in window displays.  Clips are available to easily connect each panel together to create one large uniform panel or curtain.  Apply a drop of super glue into each clip before sliding the panels together to permanently connect the panel.

Please contact us to determine the most practical installation method for your project.